• Committees

    Guide the Chamber between Board meetings and establish general strategy and direction with the Executive Director

    • Oversee the mission, vision and values of the organization and delegate work to certain committees as necessary
    • Oversee the orderly function and conduct of the necessary Business of the Byron Center Chamber of Commerce
    • Evaluate annually the Chamber Director and make compensation recommendation to the board of Directors
    • Solicit and prepare an appropriate slate of nominations for new Board Members keeping in mind the desired balance the board strives to achieve to represent the community
    • Make a recommendation to the Board of Directors when dues structure should be adjusted
    • Strategic Planning
    • Serves as board nomination committee


    Recommend and carry out actions to promote and strengthen downtown and its businesses

    • Partner with other organizations to help with drawing traffic and community to Downtown Byron Center
    • Be in contact with current D.D.A.
    • Hold the clipboard for the Downtown Banner Policy
    • Identify other community events the chamber could be involved with

    Meetings: Monthly unless otherwise stated based on project and need. 

    Establish and strengthen relationships with Chamber members to increase retention and assist the Executive Director in recruiting new members

    • Creatively suggest strategies and methods of implementation to grow membership
    • Actively engage in personally connecting and helping to recruit new members and retain current members – contact those members that have delayed renewal
    • Suggest changes as needed for Community Profile (currently every 18 months)
    • Visit new members to welcome them to the chamber of commerce – become “ambassadors” of the chamber
    • Work in conjunction with the Marketing committee
    • Help with check-in and “welcome” at events



    Plan and operate the annual Chamber Golf Outing

    • Attend planning meetings to plan event details
    • Solicit teams and individuals’ golfers for event
    • Collect door prizes /”welcome bag” items
    • Day of event details/set up/clean up
    • Golf outing slated for mid-June annually

    Meetings: Monthly starting in April, meeting every two weeks June/Julye, weekly in August


    Select candidates to receive annual Rod Korhorn Memorial Scholarships

    • Annually determine criteria and update application as needed
    • Read through each application submitted and evaluate by pre -determined assessment
    • Meet with committee and decide finalists to be interviewed
    • Interview finalists at each school and determine winner
    • Scholarship award in May at the May chamber Luncheon

    Meetings: As needed starting in Dec/Jan of each year to review applications, set interviews, make final selections.


    Committee Expectations of Chamber Board Members

    • Each board member to be assigned a committee and in some cases may be assigned to 2 committees based on expertise and level of committee involvement
    • Board member will be the chairperson of their respective committee
      • If more than one board member is on the committee, a mutual agreement to be made of who will chair
    • The committee chairperson must assign a fellow committee member to take minutes and then distribute those back to the committee
    • Board member will then be responsible to submit those minutes to the director for disbursement to the rest of the chamber board
      • The director to include those minutes when submitting he agenda for the next board meeting
    • Board member/chairperson will be responsible for setting their respective committee meetings, times and location with assistance from the director
    • Board member/chair will need to make sure that all committee members attend their meetings and equally contribute to completion on that committee’s goals
    • It should be the goal of the chamber board to have as much at-large members serving on our committees