• Committees

    Guide the Chamber between Board meetings and establish general strategy and direction with the Executive Director

    • Oversee the mission, vision and values of the organization and delegate work to certain committees as necessary
    • Oversee the orderly function and conduct of the necessary Business of the Byron Center Chamber of Commerce
    • Evaluate annually the Chamber Director and make compensation recommendation to the board of Directors
    • Solicit and prepare an appropriate slate of nominations for new Board Members keeping in mind the desired balance the board strives to achieve to represent the community
    • Make a recommendation to the Board of Directors when dues structure should be adjusted
    • Strategic Planning
    • Serves as board nomination committee


    Recommend prospective Board members to the Board to be placed on the ballot for election to the Board by members

    • Evaluate the process for chamber board member elections
    • Create a slate of potential nominees
    • Finalize ballot to present to general membership for voting
    • Collect and tally all ballots to determine winners

    Meetings: First meeting end of Sept each year and then as needed through the end of November until selection is completed.


    Recommend and carry out actions to promote and strengthen downtown and its businesses

    • Partner with other organizations to help with drawing traffic and community to Downtown Byron Center
    • Be in contact with current D.D.A.
    • Hold the clipboard fort the Downtown Banner Policy
    • Identify other community events the chamber could be involved with

    Meetings: Monthly unless otherwise stated based on project and need.  Currently the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 8 am at the Chamber office.

    Establish and strengthen relationships with Chamber members to increase retention and assist the Executive Director in recruiting new members

    • Creatively suggest strategies and methods of implementation to grow membership
    • Actively engage in personally connecting and helping to recruit new members and retain current members – contact those members that have delayed renewal
    • Suggest changes as needed for Community Profile (currently every 18 months)
    • Visit new members to welcome them to the chamber of commerce – become “ambassadors” of the chamber
    • Work in conjunction with the Marketing committee
    • Help with check-in and “welcome” at events 

    Meetings: 3RD Wednesday of every month  


    Select candidates to be honored as annual Circle of Honor winners

    • Determine and update criteria for awards
    • Gather nominees’ names
    • Vote for two recipients (one private, one public)
    • Contact winners and order awards (brick for Whistlestop & frames certificate)
    • (Chairman) presents recipients at annual meeting/luncheon in April or May.

    Meetings: 2 meetings in Late March and/or early April


    Plan and operate the annual Chamber Golf Outing

    • Attend planning meetings to plan event details
    • Solicit teams and individuals’ golfers for event
    • Collect door prizes /”welcome bag” items
    • Day of event details/set up/clean up
    • Golf outing slated for mid-June annually

    Meetings: Monthly starting in April, meeting every two weeks June/Julye, weekly in August


    Select candidates to receive annual Rod Korhorn Memorial Scholarships

    • Annually determine criteria and update application as needed
    • Read through each application submitted and evaluate by pre -determined assessment
    • Meet with committee and decide finalists to be interviewed
    • Interview finalists at each school and determine winner
    • Scholarship award in May at the May chamber Luncheon

    Meetings: As needed starting in Dec/Jan of each year to review applications, set interviews, make final selections.


    Plan and operate the annual Expo

    • Attend panning meetings to plan event details
    • Follow up with particular area of responsibility as assigned by committee
    • Report to the Board of Directors details of planning
    • Participate in Expo: particulars of set up (day/night before) and actual day of event

    Meetings: as needed


    Committee Expectations of Chamber Board Members

    • Each board member to be assigned a committee and in some cases may be assigned to 2 committees based on expertise and level of committee involvement
    • Board member will be the chairperson of their respective committee
      • If more than one board member is on the committee, a mutual agreement to be made of who will chair
    • The committee chairperson must assign a fellow committee member to take minutes and then distribute those back to the committee
    • Board member will then be responsible to submit those minutes to the director for disbursement to the rest of the chamber board
      • The director to include those minutes when submitting he agenda for the next board meeting
    • Board member/chairperson will be responsible for setting their respective committee meetings, times and location with assistance from the director
    • Board member/chair will need to make sure that all committee members attend their meetings and equally contribute to completion on that committee’s goals
    • It should be the goal of the chamber board to have as much at-large members serving on our committees