• Byron Rules the Roost

    Byron Rules the Roost is a way to promote our businesses and our community by bringing people from all over West Michigan to our downtown business district and surrounding area. There will be decorated foam chickens on display from May 09 - June 21, 2020 while local businesses offer sales and promotions. 


    Objective(s) - business audience: People will take pictures of themselves with the chickens and post to Instagram and/or Facebook using a special hashtag as a way to draw attention to Byron Rules the Roost and Downtown Byron, subsequently increasing traffic to local businesses and those participating in sales and promotions during “Spring into Byron”. Bonus: Increased social media presence for businesses, the chamber and community.

    Objective(s) general public: Take pictures with chickens throughout Byron Center and post to Instagram and/or Facebook using a hashtag to enter in a drawing to win a drawing prize donated by Local Business.


    Each chicken will have a picture frame/sign with instructions to be placed near the chicken when displayed for viewing.

    There will be a specific hashtag that we will track #byronrulestheroost

    People will post the picture to Instagram and/or Facebook and use the #byronrulestheroost hashtag to be entered into the contest. Each Chicken has its own hashtag (ex. #chicken5) that will be posted as well.  We will use the Chicken hashtag to track how many posts each chicken has.  At the end of the event, the chicken with the most posts will be the recipient of the traveling “Golden Egg” award.


    How to Decorate Your Chicken

    Recycle your Chicken and other EPS

  • 2019 Chicken Sightings

    • 58453661_818897155146759_2519158746213155238_n.jpg
    • 58468361_363803220920149_470714697188742512_n.jpg
    • 58468793_2416032071761027_6214137123445975525_n.jpg
    • 58600167_465075524299981_793058210969183653_n.jpg
    • 58606496_686179628508825_4285218702587992939_n.jpg
    • 58629996_682717182179202_5374355702348700939_n.jpg
    • 58652738_1094345674098129_5168189149848778004_n.jpg
    • 58671957_167052377646678_8469771330968477936_n.jpg
    • 58814646_143968033323985_8825978445208433105_n.jpg
    • 58883307_140720193654950_2551607413700827121_n.jpg
    • 59008978_2276542739271272_2787349670328292124_n.jpg
    • 59189178_701549350277638_4022887517568030211_n.jpg
    • 59216017_1077344432476499_5019967013599564090_n.jpg
    • 59230037_673883293046666_4115825291488285639_n.jpg
    • 59253106_208590016768733_4535858235734071522_n.jpg
    • 59310753_169286237403868_2141424750859876397_n.jpg
    • 59406779_222686438690422_1748800809977189989_n.jpg
    • 59414918_162583864773205_2612154345385495871_n.jpg
    • 59608754_1046998112161228_797404538589718139_n.jpg
    • 59612038_2190057097972719_337024727745577699_n.jpg
    • 59637865_157443671959082_6599564485411542372_n.jpg
    • 59647825_2162011227245778_6897441783978209828_n.jpg
    • 59655577_455778738298661_5989461979294871073_n.jpg
    • 59657639_328431837828685_1367932356802163079_n.jpg
    • 59694550_403934680194749_112441275630507267_n.jpg
    • 59710276_2142426452729758_2470589783921192807_n.jpg
    • 59834332_201754624135424_378036406249782103_n.jpg
    • 59924339_1347270722106017_3392322413231825875_n.jpg
    • 60009145_287801775503423_8042574085390600501_n.jpg
    • 60022694_290951511809118_7862921485452353571_n.jpg
    • 60041843_115232912812368_8091395370416813010_n.jpg
    • 60044794_680810922371088_6514316931179785905_n.jpg
    • 60068479_129643471552859_7372122462232680818_n.jpg
    • 60169860_398991757355409_2718910682914107507_n.jpg
    • 60190049_382213229051422_2610900639446627302_n.jpg
    • 60207138_757599134634877_5367921205479387351_n.jpg
    • 60229930_284933499126458_450518295745361798_n.jpg
    • 60283999_170273713972709_3253301871992333149_n.jpg
    • 60320138_299634817623260_7404803178944004341_n.jpg
    • 60605188_856871768000418_410326151914066647_n.jpg
    • 60615828_429053874331422_5518416859493766969_n.jpg
    • 60940692_560945980977888_6966820774267510996_n.jpg
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